Stock & Performance Applications

From stock mufflers to performance upgrades, 4X4, and heavy duty applications, we here at Orchards Muffler do it all. Our shop is equipped and we’re experienced in everything from classic cars, trucks, RV’s, and heavy duty trucks.


Stock & Custom Pipe Bending

Why settle for a universal fit exhaust system? Don’t be fooled into believing a clamp on system is “just as good” as a custom welded exhaust. Here at Orchards Muffler we can build you a custom fit exhaust system to fit perfectly on your vehicle. We do everything exhaust, from performance headers to custom tipped exhaust pipes Orchards Muffler has you covered.

Exhaust Upgrades

Headers, Pipes, Mufflers, Cold Air Intake

Looking to upgrade your stock exhaust system? Restoring a classic vehicle? We can help. Orchards Muffler carries top brands like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, K&N, and AEM. Get the increase in horsepower and the deep sound you want from your vehicle by calling Orchards Muffler today. We offer free expert advice to help you decide the right system for your vehicle.

What our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our happy customers are saying.

  • After receiving a $500 estimate for a replacement on my exhaust from the catalytic converter back from a different shop, I called here for a second opinion. They got me in an hour after I called to ask about it, had my car done  an hour and a half after I dropped it off and were honest enough to let me know that it was only a small section of pipe that had broken, costing under $100. I'm impressed with their honesty, their speed and friendliness. They'll be my go-to place for any exhaust needs. Thanks for taking care of a woman on a budget without trying to rob her!

    Elizabeth C. Review from Yelp
  • Needed new dual tail pipes on my old SUV. Owner scheduled me in promptly, and he was ready for me at the appointed time. I was amazed with his skill and speed in operating the tube-bending machine. He quickly and very professionally completed the installation of my new tail pipes. The price was very fair. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend this muffler shop to anyone.

    Guest Review Review from Judy's Book
  • Very friendly, great price, quick service. I had a new muffler installed on my truck and it sounds great! Thanks a lot. Also I had them install a muffler on my wife's truck. Same great service and excellent price. Thanks guys.

    Mike P. Review from Insider Pages
  • My relatively new car was making a fun sound, so I took it here to get a diagnosis. The technician took a look and about five minutes later told me what was wrong (a bolt had popped off of the cover that keeps the oil pan in place; thus, the cover was dragging and making the sound). He told me he could fix it for $55, or I could take it to a competent male (my neighbor), who could get the job done for about $2 if I went and bought a replacement bolt. So I did and I saved over $50 thanks to the employee's candid assessment. If I have any car-related problems, I will definitely take my car to Orchards Muffler.

    Tally C. Review from Judy's Book


for any vehicle

Orchards Muffler has a complete lineup of popular mufflers. If your vehicle has a muffler that needs to be replaced or upgraded we can do it.

Custom Pipe Bending

Perfectly matched to your vehicle

At Orchards Muffler we believe your exhaust system should be the last thing on your mind when you leave our shop. That’s why we custom bend, fit, and weld our own exhaust pipes. Some exhaust and muffler shops use clamp on systems that can move over time creating pipe and muffler sagging problems.

Classic Cars

We’re Experienced in Classics!

Looking to update your classic cars exhaust system? We have experience in everything from classic Corvettes to custom built Hot Rods. Come down and talk to us about what you’re looking for and we can help you design a performance exhaust system.

RV’s & Buses

Heavy Duty Exhaust Systems

Is your RV or Buses exhaust or muffler in need of replacement? Orchards Muffler can help. We have the equipment to handle just about any size of RV or bus exhaust system replacement. Call us today to get a free estimate and advice on your exhaust.

Performance Upgrades

Cold Air Intake, Headers, Manifolds & more

If you’re looking to squeeze the maximum performance from your vehicle, Orchards Muffler can help. We do everything performance to help your vehicle breathe better including: Intake Systems, Headers, Manifolds, Performance Mufflers, Performance Catalytic Converters, EGR Coolers, Heat Shields & Exhaust Wraps, Diesel Exhaust Systems, and Turbo Exhaust.

4X4 & Off-Road

Intake & Exhaust Upgrades

Orchards Muffler does 4X4’s Trucks, and Off-Road upgrades. One of our specialties is medium duty trucks, including diesels. If you’re looking to get better mileage, more performance, and a deeper sound we can help.